Good coffee starts at the plant; specifically, the coffee cherries. Our expertise and experience starts at selecting the best coffee cherries from the coffee plant to ensure that only the best aromas, texture and acidity are produced at the end of the process. To do this, we have established solid, long-term relationships with our coffee growers from around the world.


Our Quality assurance (QA) team starts by examining the coffee beans and testing them for the right weight, moisture and grade by hand. Once they meet Teck Lee Seng specifications, they will move on to conduct sample roasts and sensory test. This part of the practice is also done by our coffee bean suppliers so that we can be assured that good quality starts at the beginning of our coffee selection process.


After more rounds of random re-checks of bean quality by our QA team as double assurance, our Warehouse team would store the beans in our warehouse until they are needed during the production process.


The roasting process comprises three parts: the raw material (coffee beans), the special roasting machines and our people.

Raw Materials. Different beans have their own unique characteristics, blended into unique identities that give that special taste. Our 40 over years of experience in the business has provided us with the knowledge of perfect coffee profiles to suit local taste buds.

Roasting Machines. Our roasting machines are modernised and reputable European machines of the highest technology. They allow us to be in full control of quality, stability, consistency and profile monitoring. These machines are fueled by gas, not diesel so we are assured of an environmentally friendly process and are accredited by Jabatan Alam Sekitar Negeri Sarawak.

Our People. Our trained Roasters are experienced and adept at experimenting with different coffee profiles. We also implement Quality Control throughout the process.


Before we grind and package our coffee, our Quality Assurance and Sensory Teams come together once more to evaluate and confirm the quality of our packaged coffee. This includes all aspects of taste, aroma, freshness, hygiene and overall aesthetics of the packaged products.