We pride ourselves in the core values of:

德 pronounced “Teck”, the word means “good values” or “ethics”. We subscribe to integrity in running our business, enhancing relationships and trust with our teams, suppliers and customers no matter old or new. It also guides us in providing the best quality products.

利 pronounced “Lee”, the word means “benefits”. We believe that when our team, suppliers and customers benefit, we benefit along with them. We are a team and everyone benefits from the win-win situations we strive to create.

成 pronounced as “Seng” and means “success”. The fruit of success comes from successfully implementing “Teck” and “Lee” values. Our aims is not only produce the best coffee that everyone deserves but also be a partner with our suppliers and making sure everyone in the teams grow and achieve greater and meaningful things in life!

Our logo is a globe embedded in an abstract outline of a coffee bean. It represents the bond that people all over the world have and understand about good coffee. We connect people through our coffee. It’s what we do best.