Kopi O, Kopi C, Kopi Peng and all the variations in between. The Malaysian way of appreciating coffee, or ‘kopi’ as we call it, runs through all the peoples and cultures who call Malaysia home.  It is the one true factor of unity that everyone understands. It is the one thing in life that brings a simple joy, whether the aroma of a fresh brew first thing in the morning, that pick-me-up in the middle of the day, or that energizer that keeps us going when we are down.

At Teck Lee Seng, we understand coffee, and we understand the synergy between coffee and the people who love the simple joy of drinking it. We have been perfecting our coffee for over two generations of Malaysian coffee drinkers. We take pride in our expertise of what local coffee is. We have maintained that quality for over 40 years.

That is why we make it our mission to bring the best of coffee-drinking to you.